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Is it time For Your Product to Get a Redesign? Advice From an Industrial Design Company

Is it time to redesign my product? 


This is a standard question many business owners grapple with at some point or another when they have a product on the market. Redesigning can yield incredible results, such as increased profitability and general market success, however, it also requires great use of resources, including time and money, which is why this is not a decision to be taken lightly. Fortunately, there is most certainly a way to determine a redesign’s viability in your own case! 


Throughout our years as an industrial design company, we have discovered several tell-tale signs that indicate the necessity for a product to hit the drawing board once again. Here are 5 of these key indicators you can look to within your own circumstances to conclude whether or not your products would benefit from a redesign




1.) Stagnated sales 


Of course, one of the most telling signs that your product needs to be reworked is that it is failing to hit sales and financial KPIs, such as satisfactory sales growth and profit margins. This is to say, you want to ensure customers are actually interested in your business. Simply pose the question- Are my products performing well on the market? If the answer is no, this could be indicative that you are not currently offering a product that resonates well with your target audience. Something is missing from the puzzle, whether it be aesthetics or functionality, and sketching a new design with improved features can remedy this. 


2.) An oversaturated market 


Are there too many products on the market that are similar to yours? Or perhaps even worse, similar products with additional bells and whistles? Unfortunately, your business is at risk of getting lost among the competition due to all the options customers will face when making a purchase. However, a product redesign can make your product stand out. Specifically, market research may unveil what gaps or unmet needs customers have within your industry. Then, you will be able to generate a product that incorporates these desires into its design. The result is a device that unequivocally stands out from the rest. 


3.) Unfavorable reviews 


What are customers saying about your product? Does it seem like a majority of these reviews come with critiques? In that case, your products could almost certainly benefit from a design rework. Fortunately, these reviews are extremely useful. They reveal exactly what it is that needs to be done to improve upon the original design. Simply read through these reviews and take note of what your customers are disclosing, such as issues with functionality, dissatisfaction with the device’s materials, shape, or size, the product’s failure to accomplish its given purpose, and so forth. Ultimately, this information can be used to engineer a product tailored to the needs of your audience. 


4.) Shifts in the target audience 


You may decide that you would like to redirect who your business caters to. However, your business should avoid jumping into making such a change without first examining how this could affect your products’ desirability. This new demographic could have vastly different tastes and needs, making a redesign almost imperative. The previously noted market research is applicable once again to determine the extent of what changes, if any, need to be made to increase your product’s appeal to its new audience. 


5.) Your products are not cost-efficient


In some situations, customers are not the primary driving force behind a redesign. It may be due to internal matters, specifically poor cost-efficiency. Cost-efficiency refers to the amount of resources it takes to manufacture your products. Ideally, your product is cost-efficient, meaning it makes the best possible use of time, money, and materials. This is crucial due to the fact that cost-efficiency is actually able to help maximize overall profits. As this implies, products that are not cost-efficient are not very favorable. They simply cost too much to produce by excessively wasting resources. If this is true for your own business, a redesign may reveal invaluable opportunities to reduce costs and improve your cost-efficiency. 


Get Started on Your Product Redesign Today 

If you have any more specific questions about redesigning your products, reach out to an industrial design company for help! With just a simple consultation, we can determine whether or not your products are truly even in need of a redesign, as well as which industrial design services should be revisited given the circumstances of your situation, whether it be the entire process or just a single phase or two. 


To further inquire about product redesign, give Californian industrial design company, DesignStein Studios, a call today at 714-375-4846. 

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