August 29, 2021 Jesse Clemmer

How An Industrial Design Company Can Redesign Your Product To Help Lift Sales

There will come a day where you or your company could create an incredible product that spins heads and gets all the right attention. You could even enjoy a major high in terms of the profits that you could make on the market, with investors getting in line for a piece of the action! But, what will you do when those profits seemingly dip? What will your solution be when it doesn’t work well in other parts of America or even other parts of the world, like Asia or Europe? One of the common solutions to this issue is product redesign, and it can solve a lot of issues using an industrial design company.





One of the biggest reasons that the sales for your product might dip is because your competitors are most likely looking to get an edge over you and are envisioning what you bring to the table and putting it forward as your own. This is why you need to be able to re-envision what your product can look like so as to appeal to wider audiences and to build upon your success to keep a leg up on the aforementioned competition. They’re going to be trying to improve themselves, so it only makes sense that you follow suit with your own products.


Keeping with Times


This is something that was alluded to a bit earlier, but you should always look to improve yourself, and not just because of your competition. The original design may look great for your product, and when it hits shelves, you may satisfy a great many people. But, times bring change as much as technology throughout the ages, and with new times comes new fads, trends, and other changes in what is popular and what is not. To keep up with these trends, you need to update and have your product redesigned in order to fit with those times, much like how Mickey Mouse’s eyes and apparel changed as time went on in order to have a more modern aesthetic.


International Markets


Another matter that was touched a bit earlier, is the fact that you’ll want to expand the areas through which you can sell your product, but doing so isn’t as simple as others would like. One design that fits America might not translate well to United Kingdom markets, much like how the UK version of The Office didn’t translate well to American audiences as much as the American version. Different cultures and people have different tastes and perceive things differently, and the looks of different products are no exception to this rule. Going for a redesign with the help of industrial design companies in California can be great for ways to fit in different countries is something to definitely consider, especially if you’re looking to expand. 




Many people underestimate just how valuable product redesign is for those requesting the services of an industrial design company and just how much of a difference it can make in the many different markets that exist throughout the world. Consider getting one yourself if you find yourself in tenuous circumstances, and a fresh coat of paint might just be what you need to stand out!


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