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    Product design should be driven by data that is current, applicable, and focused. DesignStein reviews existing information and pursues new insights wherever possible.

    Supply and Production Trends

    Foresight into sourcing and production techniques can impact design success. Outdated components or undesirable materials can be identified in a screening process prior to detailed prototypes to reduce unnecessary iterations. We are up-to-date on supply trends and can easily obtain further insight from a network of industry professionals.

    Competitive Landscape

    A competitive strategy must consider the other offerings on the market. By reviewing prices, features, benefits, reviews, patents, materials, and manufacturing methods, we zone in on our place among rivals and shape our strategy. Gap analysis will inform our branding potential as we fill the void of the market.

    Surveys and User Reviews

    Your market may have a lot of information available online, or it may need a new collection of feedback. We can work within marketing budgets to determine the most-cost effective approach to gathering data and guiding design. In-house methods and extensive third-party programs can be explored in the context of every product line, to find the right information to make the right decisions.

    Product Management

    DesignStein can perform any scope, from full-time management to minimal support tasks.

    Specific Phases

    Your team may be stacked with resources, but missing one piece of the puzzle. We have confidence in supporting any specific, individual stage of design, if that’s all you need. We will work with your team to ensure a seamless transition through internal processes. Anything from artwork, to molded prototypes, to supplier coordination, we can step in and step out as needed to ensure your production gets from beginning to end.


    Businesses seeking limited internal effort may need a partner to lead the entire design process. We have been through every phase of design, marketing, and manufacturing, and don’t have a problem leading the charge. Our approach to spearheading projects focuses on steady progress through coordinated planning. Nothing goes forward without client sign-off, and nothing goes sideways as we keep our objectives in view.

    Bespoke Consultations

    Any design can hit a bottleneck. We are here to troubleshoot or fill the gap if you’re stuck. We can modify existing concepts or quickly develop new iterations to get over the creative hump. We can provide perspective on alternatives and diagnose an issue with your specific hang-up. We’ve encountered a lot of minor issues, and we know a thing or two about working around them.

    Conceptual Design

    DesignStein explores initial ideas to nurture their identity and establish the direction of design.


    Group sessions usually initiate the process, evolving from an abstract exchange of thoughts to more tangible feedback loops. The evolution from an idea is meant to be collaborative, combining DesignStein’s tools and experience with your ambition and vision. Together, we flesh out a starting point for the product to form.


    Rough drafts flow from our studio to your inbox as the process gets going. We take a look at opportunities and risks based on what we’ve seen in the past. Our imagination blends with our knowledge base to develop a series of early renderings and refine our potential paths to production.


    Market niche, consumer appeal, and variety in a product line can inspire new modes of innovation. We consider these aspects early on, in conjunction with market research. Save time and money by incorporating the marketing strategy directly into the product itself.

    3D Modeling and Prototyping

    DesignStein transforms preliminary ideas into modern digital designs. From there, we create the first incarnation of future

    CAD and Solidworks

    We use a variety of software, but these are our usual tools of choice. 3D models are developed based on the initial concepts and design direction, with attention paid to spatial reasoning, functionality, and potential material properties. Data analysis and insights from the modeling approach factor into fresh recommendations for moving into the prototype phase.

    Comparative Analysis

    Each prototype is produced to serve a design function. Obviously, we want to explore its natural appeal and general function, but we also confront our intuition and ensure that each feature is understood in a relative context. We can lean in certain directions, compare what’s working with what isn’t, and ensure that production doesn’t take anything for granted.

    Component Optimization

    Each iteration is refined by applying attention to detail. Every major and minor piece of the product will be scrutinized in consideration of cost and necessity. How well a prototype performs can be just as important as how realistic it is. This is where we make honest reconciliations to zone in on what we will make and how we will make it.


    Products need a planset in order to make it out of the laboratory. DesignStein provides comprehensive production documents.

    Technical Details

    Spec sheets are not as simple as pressing print from the modeling software. We parse through the design information to ensure the highest quality prints will make it to the suppliers. If necessary, we redefine areas of complexity or special tooling. Each product detail is clear and complete, eliminating liability for mismatched or faulty components.

    Vendor Engagement

    DesignStein can initiate the outreach to vendors and provide recommendations. Production needs may guide us into negotiations with specialists or in search of the quickest mass-producer. Either way, we evaluate your options in the context of competitive supply chains, budgets, and schedules.


    Based on our internal experience and external outreach, we can benchmark expectations as we go to market. Quotations will ultimately guide your decisions, but we can assist in the process while considering design tradeoffs and other solutions to challenges that may arise.

    Manufacturing and Logistics

    The last step to getting your product on the shelves (or the online shop) is getting it built, and built right, before distribution. DesignStein sees the process through to consumers.

    Factory Selection

    Supplier outreach may have narrowed down your options for a production partner, but the diligence doesn’t stop there. Selecting a facility that can properly assemble and ship your product often requires another layer or insight. We work anywhere you need us to, domestically or overseas, and do the research and follow-up needed to ensure your factory can get the job done.


    Quality Control

    We have plan and perform inspections, along with reviewing QA/QC processes and records. The key is to enforce standards and expectations early and often, to avoid being taken for granted as a customer to large producers. They have their agenda, and we have ours. Ours is to ensure you get the best product, that meets spec, and comes out on time. We don’t settle for compromises on quality control.


    Shipping, handling, and last-mile delivery are not to be taken for granted. Costs can balloon and care can take a nosedive with the wrong approach. We will coordinate this with the supplier as you market to final sellers. DesignStein isn’t a full-scale delivery crew, but we understand how international freight and local distribution work. Let us help where we can.

    Intellectual Property

    DesignStein values every patent and concept of our design partners, and we intend to keep your trust by protecting intellectual property.

    Supplier Diversification

    This is a primary strategy we use to protect your ideas. We avoid the top concern of many companies by separating responsibilities and avoiding consolidation within any one production group. This is not always easy, but it is well worth it.

    Patents and Copywriting

    Based on years of experience in the design sector, we are familiar with the process of applying, obtaining, and filing legal protections. We can guide you to trusted counsel or give guidance on how to approach the process while we collaborate on your design.


    Join us in creating the products of the future here at DesignStein.


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