Our Industrial Design Services


Using an array of tools, DesignStein does market research to help you design products with the current market in mind.


Choose how much control you want to give us. A la carte consultations ensure our team gives you as much (or as little) project management support as you need.


Make your product the best it can be with a variety of concepts for aesthetics, materials, and mechanics.


We expertly craft 3D models of your ideas and use a combination of SolidWorks modeling and physical prototyping to help test and analyze form and function.


We provide detailed spec sheets and accurate technical planning to make sure the needs of your manufacturing team are kept in mind, ensuring your final product is an exact match of your conceptual design.


We’ll help you choose a manufacturing facility, plan a realistic production schedule, and manage QA/QC inspections so you can hit your projected timelines and go to market faster.


We have the legal expertise and practical strategies needed to ensure your intellectual property stays private and secure – protecting your ideas and your market share.

Trusted by global brands.

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    What makes DesignStein different?

    Results Driven

    We’re committed to following through on projects regardless of the obstacles we face along the way. We approach bottlenecks with a problem-solving mentality, using open and honest communication to create amazing, high-quality products in a reasonable time frame.

    Collaborative Nature

    Industrial design is meant to support your vision and guide it to fruition. We work together with you, providing additional support when you need it and taking a back seat when you have a specific vision in mind. Either way, we put open and honest communication in the front seat whenever we take on projects.

    Business Oriented

    We know that the products we design need to turn a profit. Market research and a careful analysis of everything from the materials we’re using to the projected profit margins ensure that the products we help design are optimized to support your business’s needs.


    Our years of experience ensure that we’ve already learned the hard lessons and know how to get the job done right. We’ve grown our company alongside changes in software and improvements in 3D printing to ensure you have access to the most up-to-date techniques on the market.


    We’ve partnered with specialist suppliers, international manufacturers, and wholesale distributors. When you work with DesignStein, you open the door to proven connections with numerous specialists you might not be able to find on your own.


    We facilitate end-to-end product design, helping you as much (or as little) as you like while creating products that are both beautiful and intuitive. We know that ease-of-use is a major selling factor, which is why we put such value on creating products that your customers can pick up and use right away. Whether we’re designing a new robotic toy for toddlers, or a complex medical device, we start by getting a fresh perspective on the product to ensure we help turn out something truly unique.


    The best products don’t need a user manual. Intuition drives much better margins than complex gadgets or pretty logos. We dive deep on the fundamentals of user interaction to ensure the notes are hit without the need to explain. Feature development requires an understanding of how each user will interact with the product and instinctively react.

    Proof of Performance

    DesignStein has helped bring a variety of products to life across numerous industries, including consumer electronics, medical devices, sporting goods, housewares, mobile accessories, office products, children’s toys, and industrial equipment. Our track record of success across industries means that we’re equipped to handle any product idea you throw our way. 

    Our Work


    Your Situation

    New ideas are hard to come by, providing a creative challenge that our team welcomes. We’re happy to help you solve problems in innovative ways, guiding new product design from inception to launch. 
    Whether you’re going back to the drawing board on a product that didn’t launch as expected or you’re trying to modernize a legacy product, we’re here to support your product improvement and modernization. We’ll work together to improve upon what’s already working and re-envision the features that aren’t so your updated product will be better than any version that came before it. 

    Discouraged with other Design Firms?

    Too much fluff, not enough substance. Maybe you need a fresh start, or you’re just getting started in the world of design. Either way, we understand that commitment has risk and you might be exploring your options. Intro meetings tend to be full of fluff, lacking substance, and in need of transparency. Information is often withheld because you’re not yet a paying client.

    We take the opposite approach, something our clients have commented on over the years. We immediately get down to business exploring your vision, and coming up with new approaches,  and asking questions that help us both have a meaningful discussion. All with no strings attached. We hold nothing back.

    “Jesse came down and interviewed with us at our offices in Carlsbad. He was not our first choice. We decided to go with another company first but it went so badly so quickly. Literally within a three- or four-week period, of which three weeks of that was nothing more than us trying to get our materials back from the first designer, who was a larger firm and very fancy schmancy with a great reputation. But they had very little in the way of personal skills. Jesse brings a very personalized approach to his business. For us, that’s what worked because we were trying to do something that we knew was going to take time and patience. He had both of those attributes.” – Mark H., January 2022

    A “sales rep” getting in the way of meaningful discussion. You’ve surely had that discouraging and deflating experience, where an eager and determined-to-sell account rep literally gets in the way of real progress.

    With DesignStein, you will meet with the principals from the start and throughout design and development. We prefer personal attention to corporate “bookings.” Our team is lean,  and hungry for interesting work. Our company’s leaders get to know you and stay focused on product innovation throughout the relationship.  Our best and brightest are always in front of you.


    “The other companies have a real challenge when it comes to having any sort of humility. Rather than understanding that their job is to help guide and provide support to the client, they feel that their vision is the single, best vision and the only vision that should work. With Jesse, he really goes the extra mile to make sure that things are right. He wants it to be right, whatever that’s going to take.” – Client Interviews, January 2022

    Too many templates, not enough fresh ideas. Honestly, just about anyone can grab a template of some sort and customize it. In many firms, once the client has committed, the interns and the templates get to work to churn out all-too-conventional designs. While that may be efficient, it totally misses the whole point of the exercise: Coming up with something new and different, something that will rock the market, be straightforward and cost-effective to produce, and end up making you a healthy profit. You won’t get that out of templates.

    Our goal is for you to stand out, for all the best reasons. DesignStein’s creative, technical, and marketing knowledge is shared among a tight-knit team of designer-doers, putting in unconventional effort, and who will help you set new standards in your market.

    “I think that people might perceive it as being a smaller operation, but the reality is that Jesse is able to turn out world-class products without having the massive overhead of having a huge staff of people, which of course drives people’s overhead costs and drives up what they charge for their services. What you get from working with Jesse is the same quality, the same product, but with a highly personalized approach. And in this day and age, that’s pretty much nonexistent.” – Mark H., January 2022


    “Good enough” is not good enough. What you need is “world-class.” We won’t hold back, you’ll get our best and brightest, and what we produce together will make all the effort worth it.


    Making that initial call to us will be the best thing you ever did for your vision. All outreach is welcome, whether you’re dipping your toes or seeking to get off to the races. We are happy to provide initial feedback, direct quotes, or detailed proposals depending on your immediate goals.


    Industrial Design FAQs

    What Do Industrial Designers Do?

    Industrial designers merge art, research, and engineering to design quality products, including electronics, appliances, toys, and more. 

    What Is Involved in Product Design?

    Product design involves numerous elements, including market research to identify the needs of your target audience, aesthetics to choose the right look for your product, material selection, and product mechanics to help all of the other design elements work together to get the job done.

    What Is an Industrial Design Firm?

    An industrial design firm is a company, like DesignStein, that specializes in all elements of industrial design. Industrial design firms can help bring new products to life, from research and conception all the way through manufacturing, to ensure companies like yours get the most bang for their buck. 

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