MarsCharger Lite

Ultrafast Mobile Car Charger

Product Details

MarsCharger™ Lite is an advanced battery-power DC fast-charger that fits in your trunk.Don’t fear running out of charge and getting stranded. In just 5-10 minutes, the MarsCharger™ Lite can give you the range you need to get home or the next charging station. Charging is a breeze, too – MarsCharger™ Lite is rugged, lightweight, and fits in any trunk. Its user-friendly touchscreen and app let you control power settings. The Lite recharges itself from a wall outlet or another AC EV charger and can act as a mobile AC power supply. Plug your device into one of the 3 outlets to power up while on the go. Or daisy-chain multiple MarsCharger™ Lites together to expand your power supply capacity.

The Client

MarsCharge™ is the only company building electric vehicle chargers specially built for the resiliency of the electric grid.

For electric vehicle use to grow, the electrical grid needs to expand.

MarsCharge is building a new, decentralized grid capable of powering the EV revolution, and our cutting-edge technologies will play a key role in our sustainable energy future.

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