May 22, 2023 Jesse Clemmer

Can Industrial Design Services Improve Healthcare?

Industrial design services heavily influence the development and creation of healthcare products and medical devices. Designers use their technical skills and expertise to make medical tools functional and easy to use, keeping the patient’s comfort in mind. Medical centers and hospitals strive to provide the best possible experience for their patients, and product design services can help achieve this goal. This article will explore different examples of medical devices that have been designed in a user-friendly way, and we will share how our industrial design companies in California are working to make liver testing more manageable for patients.



Enhancement of Medical Devices for User-Friendliness

Design plays an important role in enhancing the usability of medical devices. Through the implementation of thoughtful and innovative design methodologies, designers can make devices that are functional and user-friendly. 


Insulin Pen

The development of insulin pens for diabetic patients is an excellent example of designing a product with the user in mind. These pens are ergonomically designed with the following features:

  •  comfortable grips
  •  clear dosage markers
  •  simple mechanisms for injecting insulin, making self-administration of medication convenient


Wearable Devices for Remote Patient Monitoring

These devices are typically compact, lightweight, and have aesthetic appeal, allowing patients to wear them for long hours at a time without feeling uncomfortable. Additionally, user-friendly interfaces and wireless connectivity facilitate seamless data transmission, making it easier for healthcare providers to monitor patients’ health concerns. 


Robotic Surgical Systems

Technological breakthroughs in industrial design have led to the invention of robotic surgical systems that refine precision and reduce invasiveness. These systems have the following features:

  • intuitive interfaces
  •  ergonomic controls
  • haptic feedback

All of the devices we discussed earlier reflect how design influences healthcare, improving patient satisfaction.


Designing a Comfortable Table for Internal Testing

Our industrial design development company  is working on a table that runs testing on a patient’s liver and designing it in a way that is more comfortable and convenient to use than the traditional model. The problem with the original design of the table is that it was too tall for most patients and looked overwhelming at first glance. Our designers are working to make the table more visually appealing and user-friendly without the need for custom tooling. The objective is to make the testing process more manageable.

Here are the main features that the new table includes:

  • Look more approachable and visually appealing
  • Requires a drawer to hold a mouse, keyboard and sheets
  • Must be easily pushed and pulled from the ends
  • Must be collapsible so it can be rolled from room to room
  • No custom tooling can be created, everything needs to be made with a press break or 3D printing
  • Ergonomic shape that conforms to the patient’s body
  • Easy to clean

With these enhancements, the testing table will be more user-friendly and functional, encouraging the general public to get tested and ultimately resulting in life-saving procedures



Medical devices and healthcare products are meeting the needs of patients thanks to industrial design services.The table for internal testing designed by our industrial design company is just one example of how industrial design can transform a patient’s experience for the better. 

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