January 19, 2023 Jesse Clemmer

Many Consultancies Claim to Design Products for Manufacturing, But We Actually Do It!

With a concentration on getting to production—and onto the shelves—in the most affordable way possible, Designstein Studios was founded to help firms navigate the complicated path of premier industrial design services. Our intention is for you to profit from your product. We can take your idea through manufacturing so you can start marketing and selling because we have industry expertise and connections worldwide. For over a decade, we have carried hundreds of goods from idea to customer using our validated track record of vetting a good factory for the job at our proven list of approved production facilities.



How We Do It

Market research entails gathering all the data required to create a fantastic product. This includes researching the market, customer feedback, and competing goods and businesses. Later, we will utilize this knowledge to inform our design decisions regarding manufacturing processes, functional elements, aesthetics, price, and other factors. We can use our reliable contacts to handle those who want to avoid dealing with the trouble of locating all the resources required to mass-produce their product or function as liaisons. We have all the information you need to take care of mass-producing your design so you can concentrate on selling it, from factories to quality control and everything in between. 

Industrial designers are knowledgeable about all phases of product development. Developing a product is a very involved and challenging process, and it starts with research and continues with ideation, 3D CAD modeling, prototyping, creating production documents, and mass production. Because of this, if your employees have little to no expertise, in-house production runs the danger of failing quickly. On the other hand, a top-notch industrial design company in California,  like Designstein Studios, has decades of collective expertise, so they know just how to carry out and finish each stage.

All this comes with a significant benefit for you as a business owner: the gift of time. Working with an in-house design team has several disadvantages, one of which is that company owners frequently have to supervise and guide their efforts. However, this is different when outsourcing to an industrial design firm like DesignStein Studios. We don’t need this kind of oversight because we are seasoned and professional designers. Instead, meetings are only sometimes scheduled when we require suggestions, or you’d like an update on the status. This frees you up to focus on other areas of your company while knowing that a team of competent and reliable experts handles your product development the only way it is meant to be done – the right way!


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Choosing an industrial design company has many advantages, particularly in expanding your business, fostering innovation, and increasing sales. These businesses are also excellent at determining the precise changes you need to make to maintain your current level of success if you currently have success, allowing you to continue concentrating on other business operations. Any interested business owner hoping to achieve tremendous success should know more about working with reliable industrial design services.


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