August 15, 2022 Jesse Clemmer

Working With Industrial Design Companies: Myths Versus Facts About Outsourcing Product Development

If you’re a business owner wanting to create their own products or already have products on the market, chances are you’ve heard about outsourcing product development to an industrial design company. Throughout the years, outsourcing has become increasingly popular due to the various benefits industrial designers can provide businesses with their work, including producing cutting-edge innovations designed to take the market by storm. Despite this, there are still several misconceptions about what exactly hiring a third-party firm entails, generating some rather inaccurate perceptions about the reality of working with industrial designers, including the scope of work they provide, their approach to design, and the experience itself.


Has misinformation led you to disregard outsourcing? In truth, hiring an industrial design company is an incredibly advantageous means of developing a product and it should not be overlooked so easily. In this blog, we’ll be clarifying fact from fiction by debunking four of the most common myths associated with outsourcing and discussing what this process is truly like. 


Myth- You can only hire an industrial design company for full-service development.


While industrial design firms are most famously known for full-service product development, most designers also provide a la carte services. These industrial design services are typically popular among businesses that already have an in-house design crew but are in need of a little extra assistance fulfilling certain tasks. At DesignStein Studios, we offer two potential solutions to these situations that don’t involve full-service development in the slightest. For one, you may opt to outsource that one specific task to our crew of designers. That is, whatever function you need us to perform, we’re able to step in, pick up where your team left off, complete the task, and immediately turn the project back over once done. Conversely, if you would like to keep external support at a minimum, you can also schedule a consultation with our team so we can troubleshoot the roadblocks in your project by devising a plan of action your designers can take to bypass whatever hurdle is in their way. 


Myth- Industrial design companies only create new products.


It’s true, industrial design companies are most certainly able to develop new products. However, that’s only a fraction of the type of projects we are able to undertake. Our range of work also includes reworking and updating existing products. From devices that could use a slight aesthetic touch-up or technological upgrade to products that need to be reworked from the very beginning, industrial design companies are able to improve upon these products and make adjustments as necessary. In fact, these products are even at an advantage because they lend us market insight. Specifically, examining what customers had to say about the product and reviewing its performance in relation to competitors allows us to pin point exactly what about the design does and does not work. Using this information, we are then able to hone in on those specifics and elevate the product to entirely new heights. 


Myth- You won’t have any say when working with industrial designers. 


It is often believed that because outsourcing product development essentially entails passing the workload to an external crew, business owners will lose control of the process. However, this simply isn’t true. For starters, industrial design companies don’t operate in such a way. As it is our job to actualize an idea that belongs to the client, their demands are what steer our direction. In fact, every project begins with a consultation between both parties so the designers can get a good understanding of what the client is envisioning, including colors, features, materials, and so on. In addition, industrial design companies will continue communication throughout the process with frequent check-ins and encourage their clients to give feedback, share their ideas, and request edits, and if a decision is to be made, whether it be approving a design or choosing a material, the client gets to call the shots. Suffice it to say, as industrial designers, we wholeheartedly value the opinions of our clients and you should never feel like you have lost the reigns of your project. 


Myth- Once you begin working with industrial designers, the product idea doesn’t belong to you anymore 


This misconception couldn’t be any further from the truth! Of course, it is only natural for business owners to feel protective of their intellectual property. Your ideas and products are your livelihoods, so we understand the concern. However, any credible industrial design company will always go above and beyond to ensure their client’s confidential information is safeguarded. In most cases, industrial design companies will even request to sign NDA contracts before a preliminary consultation can be scheduled. At DesignStein Studios, we take the trust and security of our clients very seriously. Besides NDAs, we also employ supplier diversification as a means to keep clients’ ideas protected during production, as well as assist them in taking the proper steps toward obtaining legal protections, including patents and copywrites. 


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At the end of the day, misinformation about outsourcing holds no weight. In truth, working with industrial designers can deliver outstanding results for business owners looking for market success. Above all, it is a safe, collaborative, and exhaustive process that prioritizes client satisfaction to hit the nail on the head with every project we’re handed and create products that wow. 


Interested in learning more about outsourcing development for your own products? Schedule a consultation with us here at DesignStein Studios, one of the top industrial design companies in California, or call at 714-375-4846 and we’ll be happy to discuss with you the ins and outs of collaborating with an industrial design company. 

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