June 15, 2022 Jesse Clemmer

Outsourcing Product Development to DesignStein Studios- All The Services we Offer as an Industrial Design Company

If you have a product idea, chances are you’ve debated whether or not to outsource part, or all, of its development. In truth, outsourcing can be an incredible tool when it comes to onboarding an experienced industrial design company such as DesignStein Studios. Above all, it ensures that only the most skilled designers are involved with your project. It is certainly an option worth considering, especially for business owners who rather step back from product development themselves and put their time elsewhere. 




Perhaps the most appealing aspect of hiring an industrial design company is that our services are flexible depending on your needs. As an example, DesignStein offers a wide array of design services that cover the initial stages like research all the way to mass production and other final steps. Of course, business owners can have us take charge of the entire production process, or they can opt to hire us to handle just one single portion. Whatever you are in search of, our designers are here to help and do our part to create your business a successful product with an incredible design. In fact, here’s a list of all the different industrial design services DesignStein Studios offers our clients:


Conducting Market Research

At DesignStein Studios, we believe the key behind every successful product design is comprehensive research. That’s why DesignStein Studios offers our clients extensive market research so we are able to deduce all the information necessary to engineer products that sell. Here, we analyze various significant concepts, such as supply and production trends, our competitive landscape, the given target audience, and everything in between. Through this research, we are able to unveil vast amounts of significant insight regarding the aesthetic design approach, opportunities for innovation, gaps and unmet demands in the market, and areas where our competitors are failing and succeeding. Ultimately, the goal at this stage is to create an effective design strategy by equipping ourselves with relevant data that can be used to guide the rest of the design process. 


Supplementing In-House Design Teams

Already have an in-house design team working on your products? Industrial design companies can still help! As talented as your design team may be, there may be some areas where they lack the proper equipment or know-how to achieve your product idea’s full potential, and that’s where DesignStein comes in. Whether you are in need of full-time project management oversight or more minimal assistance with specific one-off tasks, our team is able to provide exactly what it is your in-house team is in need of to execute your product vision. Even in the case that your designers are stuck behind an issue they can’t seem to resolve, regardless if it is logistical, creative, or technical, you can contract DesignStein to quickly step in, figure out a solution that works, and step right back out so you’re team can get back to doing what they do best. No matter what your business is in search of, DesignStein Studios is here to supplement your in-house team so your design process goes smoothly. 


Preliminary And Conceptual Designing 

It goes without saying that the aesthetic and functional aspects of a product are of equal importance when it comes to creating a well-rounded product. That’s where the conceptual design stage comes into play. Here, we delve into the intricate relationship between visual look and function by investigating a multitude of varying materials, colors, components, and much more. The objective is to explore different design-build avenues by creating sketches of various versions of the same product in order to create a design that makes visual and functional sense to your audience. Above all else, we place emphasis on collaboration at this stage in order to combine our design expertise with your ideas so we may jointly create a successful, innovative piece of technology that stays true to your vision and captures the attention of end-users. 


3D Modeling

After you have landed on your preferred design-build sketch, it’s time to move on to 3D modeling. Using our specialized design programs, such as CAD and Solidworks, DesignStein is able to develop a detailed digital rendering of your product based on its preliminary sketch. Specifically, this stage maps out how exactly a design will come to life by considering functionality, spatial reasoning, component optimization, manufacturability, part-line breakup, and more. 


Generating And Testing Prototypes 

Once we are confident a 3D model is suitable to test, DesignStein is able to bring the first iterations of your device to life via prototyping. Prototyping involves following the CAD files created during 3D modeling to produce working, tangible versions of your product. The purpose here is for us to analyze, critique, and investigate your design-build, as well as explore the different materials and manufacturing methods we can potentially use for the final product. Ultimately, prototyping is where we will decide what areas of the design we can further improve by confirming what does and does not work within the context of functionality, feasibility, profitability, and visual appeal. Lastly, we will fine-tune the CAD files according to these decisions. 


Drafting Production Specification Sheets

Approving a prototype means your product is one step closer to hitting the market, However, before that can happen, factories have to know how to actualize your design. This is accomplished via production specification sheets, also called spec sheets. These sheets outline the manufacturing guidelines pertaining to the design, including the production methods, cut lines, and tooling. DesignStein can assist with this, not just by creating these spec sheets for you, but by thoroughly reviewing the technical details so we may create comprehensive yet concise documents that manufacturers will easily be able to follow, leaving little room for future design errors. On top of this, our team is able to reach out to potential vendors so we can find your business the highest quality resources given your timeline and budget- without any extra headaches on your end.


Overseeing Manufacturing And Logistics 

DesignStein Studios doesn’t just stop at helping your business find suitable vendors. We can also assist with the final steps involving mass production. This includes researching and connecting with factories and shipping fulfillment centers on your behalf, discussing any concerns they may have about the spec sheets and CAD files, setting expectations, and frequently conducting thorough quality control inspections. We know how tough it can be to run your own business and navigating the logistics of something as significant yet complex as mass production can be time-consuming. Let us help by taking that off your plate and ensuring that you’re allowing only the best to handle your designs, build the products, and send the shipments efficiently. 


Protecting IP Rights 

DesignStein Studios understands that your products are your livelihood. We value your rights as a creator and thoroughly believe you deserve to protect your unique creations. This is why we will always go the extra mile to safeguard your intellectual property by signing NDAs prior to our initial consultation, employing supplier diversification, and helping out where we can with whatever questions you may have regarding filing for patents, copyrights, and trademarks. 


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As you can see, we don’t take designing lightly. Our passion for this field has allowed us to gain the extensive hands-on experience and knowledge necessary so we may confidently provide our clients the assistance they need and deliver results that speak for themselves. If you are in need of a product development service, don’t hesitate to reach out to DesignStein Studios, one of the top industrial design companies located in California. No matter what concerns, demands, or goals you have, with us on your team, we can bring you one step closer to taking the market by storm. 


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