May 31, 2022 Jesse Clemmer

3 Reasons Why Collaboration is Integral to The Industrial Design Process

Teamwork. Group thinking. Collaboration. Words we often hear both in business and personal matters, and for very good reason, after all, collaborating ultimately provides us with an opportunity to brainstorm with our colleagues and friends by bouncing off and building upon ideas. It’s an incredibly valuable tool to approach most tasks with. In fact, this also rings true in the case of industrial design companies and product development. 



For many designers, collaboration exists in every corner of creating a design. In our eyes, it is quite necessary for engineering superior, high-quality products with an increased level of ease. In other words, collaboration lends to better designs with maximized profitability and user satisfaction. But why exactly is that? Let’s take a look at how teamwork can significantly optimize a product’s design process according to an industrial design company in California. 


1.) Collaboration sparks innovation


The market loves innovation. It’s an indisputable fact- users are simply more excited by original products with never-before-seen features. As a business owner, this can be daunting considering the numerous rival businesses that you will have to contend with. How will your products stand out from their competition? What can you do to ensure your design is interesting and fresh? The answer is collaboration. 


Collaboration is key to sparking innovation. When designers work together, they are able to bring their own specialized skills and perspectives to the table. As a result, ideas flow more freely to reveal inventive and creative approaches that otherwise would have been left unexplored. Ultimately, teamwork encourages the forward-thinking necessary for engineering interesting product designs that draw attention from users, which is what makes it so valuable to the development process. With collaboration on your side, discovering a niche and ingenious design choices to boost your product’s originality and desirability above the competition’s is entirely possible and quite simple. 


2.) Collaboration facilitates product development 


Occasionally, you may run into certain roadblocks when designing a product. Of course, this is frustrating for various reasons, as they can slow down your timeline or even compromise the quality of your design. Luckily, collaboration can help minimize these pesky obstacles in two useful ways. First, with more eyes handling the project, there is a greater chance someone will catch these issues earlier in the design process. This is beneficial as certain types of design flaws are easier to resolve the faster they are found and before they are able to evolve into something more complicated. Second, collaboration eases problem-solving in general. As discussed in the previous point, group thinking promotes a greater flow of resourceful ideas. In the case of industrial design roadblocks, these ideas can help navigate the situation and discover a creative solution with increased efficiency. In either case, product development is an extremely useful tool that can boost productivity during product development, making for a much more efficient process that yields high-quality designs. 


3.) Collaboration strengthens the team’s skillset 


Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. Even in industrial design, every designer comes with their own unique set of specialized skills and talents. That being said, there might be certain areas where one particular designer lacks enough expertise to tackle that hurdle on their own without risking the integrity of their project. This is where collaboration comes into play. When a group of skilled designers works together, everyone is able to bring their own knowledge to the table and strengthen the team’s skillset overall. For example, while one designer may have an interest in aesthetics and form, another may have more experience with the technical aspect of design. Together, they are well suited to handle a wider variety of projects and when one designer is unsure how to approach a given task, they may ask their teammate for assistance. Thanks to collaboration, the outcome is a well-rounded product with a beautiful design. 


Collaboration at DesignStein Studios  


As an industrial design company, DesignStein Studios deeply understands the importance of collaboration and its role in creating high-quality products. As the saying goes- two heads are better than one and that is why we go the extra length to ensure our entire design process is collaborative above all else. From brainstorming amongst our own team of designers to reaching out to clients for additional input and discussion, when you outsource product development to us, you can trust we are exploring every avenue to expertly engineer the best design possible for your product. 


This blog is brought to you by DesignStein Studios, a full-service industrial design company located in Costa Mesa, California. Reach out to us at 714-375-4846 to schedule a consultation today. 

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