December 26, 2021 Jesse Clemmer

Design Language- What is it And How An Industrial Design Company Can Help

Product design is an intricate art form. Every step of the entire process is done deliberately, and assisted by creativity and ingenuity, in order to engineer a product that is both visually and functionally innovative. Part of this process is creating an appealing design language to communicate with users. Design language is comprised of the aesthetic aspects of a product, like material, colors, and typography. This step of product design is incredibly significant as visuals all affect the way a user will interact with and understand the end product. Simply put, creating an engaging design language is essential for having a successful product. 



At first glance, the topic of design language can seem exceedingly puzzling, especially if you are a business owner looking to manufacture your first set of products. To aid with this, we’ve created a simple guide detailing everything you need to know about this integral design step. Here, we’ll define the concept, list the benefits of a successful design language, reveal how it is created, and discuss why an industrial design company is best suited for this task.


Defining Design Language 

In a few words, design language is visual communication. From an internal perspective, it serves as a reference guide to direct designers throughout the process in the name of maintaining brand consistency and cohesion as well as attempting to get across a certain message. In the same vein, for end-users, design language dictates how people should experience or interact with the finished product. 


As a concept, design language is constituted of several visual components, like color, fonts, materials, and so forth. Much like how any spoken language uses words to convey a message, design language relies on these features to perform the same function. For example, the color red and bold fonts are often employed as attention grabbers for important information, which is why many designers choose to use this combination on warning labels. Overall, curating design language requires deliberate and calculated decisions in order to impart information to both users and designers. 


The Benefits of Successful Design Language 

While design language has a rather direct and functional role, it also offers several advantages and benefits when done correctly. Among these includes: 


  • Establishing a cohesive brand identity
  • Improving user experience
  • Expediting the design process 
  • Creating stunning product visuals


Simply put, design language is incredibly influential. Its primary task may be to communicate, but in doing so it also generates various opportunities to launch a product that is able to dominate the market and bring your business to new areas of success. 


Hire an Industrial Design Company to Create Your Design Language 

There is an immense amount of careful consideration when it comes to establishing a unique and effective design language for a business. In order to do so, performing market research is necessary, and often the first step. Market research pertaining to design language includes investigations intending to uncover how individuals perceive certain design elements. For instance, during market research, a designer might use focus groups to reveal how certain colors make them feel or which typography they prefer. With the results in hand, designers can then craft the best design language in accordance with the product’s functions and goals as well as the brand’s aesthetics. 


Given its overall significance, it’s common for business owners to seek industrial design services and outsource these processes. In doing so, experienced designers are able to use their vast knowledge and skills to hone in on an exceptional design language and incorporate that into their product design to increase its profitability. At Design Stein Studios, one of the top preferred industrial design companies in California, our designers are incredibly familiar with design language, including what good design language looks like, which questions to address during market research, and how to translate these results into a compelling design. If you’d like assistance with your product’s design language, call (714) 375-4846 to schedule a consultation with Design Stein Studios today.

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