September 10, 2021 Jesse Clemmer

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Product Development to an Industrial Design Company

Running a business comes with plenty of hurdles to jump. In most cases, this includes navigating product design. Generally, businesses choose to take on this process on their own, learning to navigate the world of market research, prototyping, sketching, factory research, developing CAD files, and more. However, product design can get quite complex, which is especially significant considering it can entirely impact the success and quality of your merchandise. Because of this, it’s worth considering outsourcing this responsibility to an industrial design company. Interested in learning more? Here are 5 benefits associated with working alongside skilled design professionals and reasons why you should hire a company like Design Stein Studios to elevate your business to the next level.


1) Gain access to an exclusive and knowledgeable network

Industrial design companies are often composed of individuals with their own niche skills that you may not encounter elsewhere. On top of this, developers typically have access to specialized tools and programs that others normally wouldn’t. At Design Stein Studios, our focus is aimed towards using creativity and innovation to reimagine and upgrade what already exists. This means we are able to take something as simple as a preliminary sketch and expand upon it using our expertise and tools to introduce to the market something that is uniquely original. Overall, working with a design company means you’ll be able to collaborate with a group of professionals who are passionate about product development and can bring interesting ideas to the table you may not have thought of otherwise.


2) Dominate the market

Market research is one of the beginning stages of product development. At this point, it’s important to analyze everything regarding the market, your competitors, your target audience, and your own product itself. Here, we’ll deduce what prices, materials, and manufacturing methods will work best, what features should or shouldn’t be implemented, and anything else that needs to be capitalized on in order to boost success, among dozens of other significant pieces of data. However, market research also enables us with the opportunity to find which unmet needs exist in the market. This is crucial information as it directly tells us what direction the product development process needs to go in to increase our chances of dominating a certain market segment by creating an interesting product that fills in those gaps. As you can see, this step can make or break your product, but luckily, industrial design companies are well versed in research, allowing them to perform a very thorough and detailed job, so if you want the opportunity to run the market, hiring a design company is definitely worthwhile.


3) Expertise across all aspects of product development

Speaking of the stages of product development, it goes without saying that industrial designers are skilled at every single stage. Beginning with research and moving to ideation, 3D CAD modeling, prototyping, crafting production documents, and mass production, it’s no secret that product development is a very involved and complicated process. Because of this, in-house production runs a risk of going awry fast if your employees have little to no experience. On the flip side, industrial design companies in California like Design Stein Studios have decades of experience behind their teams, meaning they know exactly how to perform and complete each stage successfully.


4) Boost creativity

A creative mindset and ingenuity are crucial when it comes to product development, especially regarding prototyping and ideation. With in-house development, it’s not uncommon to get stuck behind a mental block or limited by your thoughts if your employees don’t usually concern themselves with creative endeavors. Overall, product development is an art that requires outside-of-the-box thinking, and it can be difficult to navigate without the correct skillset or team. However, outsourcing work to an industrial design company can help in these cases. With a team full of skilled designers, each with their own creative talents, we can collaborate with your business to come up with innovative and fresh ideas that are sure to impress your target audience.


5) Focus on what you do best

Finally, when you outsource your product development, you’re also investing in your own business. In other words, you’ll be able to put your own skills as a CEO to better use while industrial design companies take care of product development. Instead of worrying about whether you’re making misguided decisions with in-house development, you can put all your focus into what you do best- running a business. So, if you want more freedom and time to devote to your business, consider outsourcing product development to a talented team of professional designers.

If you’re interested in industrial design services for product development and reaching your business’s full potential, contact us here at Design Stein Studios at (714) 375-4846 for a consultation today.

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