June 11, 2018 Jesse Clemmer

Product Design Companies Can Help You Beat The Competition

You may have heard of product design companies and thought that might be useful for you. If so, then you might be at different stages of the creative process. You might already own or be active in a company, and you might have ideas for new products that you want to bring to the marketplace. Alternatively, you might be just getting a company off the ground, and you have some product ideas that will form the backbone of your sales. In either case, it’s useful to employ a product design service firm. Here are some ways that they can help you and your business.


What Are Your Goals?

This is probably the first and most critical question that a product design service firm will ask you. Some others might include what products are you trying to bring to market, and where you are in the process. In some cases, the challenges might be of a more technical nature. In others, you might be looking for your customers to have a better UX (user experience). Many of these firms don’t go into a meeting with the thinking of “because it’s this sort of product, we’re going to approach our strategy in this particular way.” It’s more that they have a method mapped out by which they go about optimizing production, advertising, etc., and they’re not going to deviate from that very much. Different firms are going to have different ways of going about things, but ultimately, their goal remains the same: they want to make your company better, and they want to help your bottom line.


How Much Are You Looking To Change?

Another question is going to be exactly how much about your company you’re looking to change. Are you looking for a massive overhaul from the top down, or is it more along the lines of minor tweaks that you think are going to affect the company positively? If you already have a well-known brand identity, it makes it less likely that you’re going to want to start from scratch. You’re going to need to self-assess, and it makes sense to do so before you even go into a meeting with a product design service firm. You need to think about your capabilities.


What Should I Be Looking For From The Firm?

In addition to looking at what you want for your own company, you should look at the track record of the firms that you’re contacting. When you meet them, ask for case studies. Ask for recommendations from other companies for whom they’ve worked in the past. In this respect, hiring a design services firm is just like hiring any other contractor. See if the company specializes only in specific areas, or if they have a wealth of experience needed to help you regardless of what it that you manufacture. Do your due diligence.


If you find that you and the firm you’ve selected are a good fit for one another, then congratulations are in order. You’re being proactive and taking a big step toward your goals. A product design service firm has the power to supercharge your company, and hopefully you’ll see the dividends from that very quickly.        



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