January 16, 2023 Jesse Clemmer

How Do Product Design Experts Come Up With Inspiration For New Designs?

Coming up with new and improved concepts in industrial design services can be a consistent challenge. This is because it can seem like all the good ideas have been developed, but this is far from true. As a professional industrial design company in Orange County, CA, we have in depth knowledge on how to come up with new, innovative ideas that truly work. If you want to learn to think more like a product design professional, read the following guide:



Firstly, you will need to understand what makes a good product design. A perfect product meets the need and offers a beautiful user experience. The feedback from the market is provided to the developers, who can alter it to produce a particular product that is faithful to its value and has the best approach to address the problem. The quantity of prototype iterations indicates the overall quality of the final product. The focus of any great design is on the user. At this time, consumers anticipate that a product’s specifications will be sustainable and beneficial to the environment. Original product ideas are a turning point for the creator and a test for the rivals since they force them to maximize the product’s potential for value.


Including a wide range of industries will be essential to your success. For instance, industrial design companies in California creating the next great shovel must seek outside the shovel sector to find inspiration. How may the connection between a shovel and a wheelbarrow be made better? Even from such a basic example as a shovel, it is clear that researching across industries may provide a wealth of knowledge. Anyone can serve as an inspiration for product design.


Online is the most straightforward place to start when benchmarking. Look at the top rival products on Amazon or other sites that permit user reviews. These well-known websites list the best-selling products and frequently explain why in the evaluations. People enjoy sharing their thoughts. Therefore, there is no need to set up focus groups to get a plethora of user research. Similar feedback can come from online discussion boards where users congregate to discuss, rate, and critically evaluate their favorite products.


Online benchmarking is only partially possible. It is necessary to look for inspiration in the outside world. Visit stores and take each item in your hand. For demos, ask. Talk to the staff about their suggestions. Learn what and why people buy. Spend time watching other customers discover what they choose and utilize and what they appear to avoid. It is helpful to snap images of this process to demonstrate user interactions with the project stakeholders.


After handling the tangible goods, professionals ought to be consulted. Speak with those who are well-versed in the product or sector. Ideally, they will offer important insights into the issues and shortcomings of current developments, a comprehension of the main trends, and practical knowledge of the direction the industry is moving in. If you require industrial design services that truly work, contact Designstein Studios today!


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