April 29, 2022 Jesse Clemmer

How To Navigate Obstacles in Product Development- Tips From an Industrial Design Company

Let’s face it- obstacles are part of life. As stressful as these situations can be, they’re simply unavoidable. Unfortunately, this also rings true in the world of industrial design as running into design-related issues is not at all unusual. From minor inconveniences to critical design flaws and functionality errors, these blunders can spring up at any moment’s notice. Of course, in order to produce a high-quality product that entices customers to make a purchase, these problems will have to be addressed and resolved so as to avoid releasing defunct merchandise. 



This is one of the numerous reasons why hiring an industrial design company, like DesignStein Studios, to handle product development is such an advantageous option for business owners. In doing so, outsourcing this responsibility ensures expert designers who have experience with bypassing these pesky issues are at the forefront of your product development, ready to tackle any unexpected hurdle that comes their way. Not to mention this also relieves a great deal of stress and time from business owners as they themselves will not have to grapple with the hassle of product development or its associated challenges. In other words, for these entrepreneurs, working with credible industrial designers is a one-way ticket to receiving products that are virtually flawless. 


Regardless, you may still be wary of how exactly an industrial design firm is able to execute your product vision without falling victim to design-related obstructions or allowing them to affect the end result. To ease this doubt, we’ve compiled a list of common approaches utilized here at DesignStein Studios that address this concern. From performing thorough research to applying specialized skills, here’s how our team at DesignStein Studios handles sudden challenges to ensure our clients always receive high-quality products they’re proud to sell. 


Creative Problem-solving 

As the name implies, creative problem-solving involves using a creative lens to find a solution for the issue at hand. How is this more effective than ‘traditional’ thinking? Simply put, traditional problem-solving follows a more cut and dry approach, often leading to solutions that are traditional or obvious. While this method of reasoning can most certainly generate useful ideas, you may find in certain scenarios that these straightforward solutions aren’t yielding the most effective results, which is where creative problem-solving comes into play. This is because CPS encourages us to redefine the situation and view things from a fresh perspective to find hidden solutions that otherwise would not have been uncovered. For this reason, CPS is an incredibly handy tool we use at DesignStein in order to formulate brand new and innovative plans of action that allow us to reach the desired end goal you have for your product design.


Adjusting Design Plans 

Of course, adjusting a product’s design plan is one of the most tried and true methods for resolving many types of design-related issues, including functionality flaws or problems with aesthetic elements. This is why prototyping is one of the most crucial stages in the product development process. Here, industrial design companies will attempt to use their design plans to construct a test version of the product, also called a prototype. At DesignStein Studios, our team uses this opportunity to carefully inspect the prototype for any design issues that hinder the product’s quality. In the case that we find this version of the product to contain some sort of defect, by physically examining the prototype we are able to directly point out the area of concern with ease. Next, we can use this information to make all the necessary adjustments to the design plans in order to engineer a more effective product. 


Considering End Users

It’s no secret that data and information are powerful tools. In industrial design, they can help you make informed decisions that are supplemented by facts. This is particularly useful when it comes to the ideation stage of product development. Shortly put, the ideation stage is the part of the process where our designers will render different preliminary sketches of our client’s product. Overall, there are many significant decisions to be made at this step, especially regarding the device’s visual and functional components. In terms of challenges, you may be setting your product up for failure if you cannot create an appealing device. The best way to avoid this misstep is to make a majority of your design decisions based on the goals and desires of a business’s target audience. After all, they are the ones who will decide whether or not to purchase the end product, which is why our designers at DesignStein Studios always begin the development process by conducting thorough market research to gain this crucial insight that allows us to design products that surpass all expectations. 


Start Over From The Beginning

Finally, when it seems like we’ve exhausted all of our options and the final design is still not up to par with our standards, it’s time to scrap the project altogether and start fresh. While beginning the product development process all over may seem counterproductive, it is sometimes exactly what is necessary to elevate a product and improve its design. This last resort option is beneficial for the main reasons being that it allows you to create and explore new sketches, ideas, and prototypes rather than build upon or alter the original design plan. Although we typically do not have to resort to this option at DesignStein Studios, our team is always committed to creating high-quality products that embody our clients’ vision, even if it means going back to square one. 


Hire DesignStein Studios to Develop Your Products 

All in all, the product development process can most certainly be tricky, but if your business is in search of industrial design services from a firm that knows how to successfully navigate these challenges, look no further than DesignStein Studios. We are a team of skilled industry professionals and though that doesn’t make us exempt from running into these obstacles from time to time, it does mean we have the proper know-how and experience to find solutions that work. 


We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, which is why we never allow these hurdles to influence the outcome of a product’s design. Instead, when you outsource your business’s product development to DesignStein, you can rest assured that a team of reliable designers is utilizing every tool at our disposal to devise exceptional designs. To learn more about how DesignStein Studios can bring your product ideas to life, give us a call at (714) 375-4846 today. 

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