March 15, 2022 Jesse Clemmer

Why High-Quality Product Design is Important According to an Industrial Design Company

In the world of business, exceptional and high-quality product design is king. After all, good design quality is intrinsically linked to increased profitability. But why is this? The topic of ‘high-quality’ product design is quite subjective and differs from person to person, however, at its core, quality signifies the same concept for all of us- value. That is, most of us are driven to make purchases we perceive as valuable above all else. We all work hard for our money and want to ensure we are making smart purchases that are worth the investment, and looking toward the quality of the product at hand is a great method to make that decision. For example, a product made with cheap materials may indicate inferior durability, thus discouraging shoppers who prioritize longevity as a sign of quality from making a purchase.



Suffice to say, business owners should always be conscious of the quality of their designs during the product development process. Interested in learning more? Here, we’ll discuss the top indicators of a product’s quality, how quality design can improve overall profitability, and the benefits of utilizing an industrial design company to guarantee high-quality products for your business. 


Indicators of a High-Quality Product


1. Efficiency

Customers who prioritize efficiency want products that serve a purpose and do so well. Beyond this, efficiency also pertains to the complexity of a product’s mechanisms. That is, the product should be easy for users to operate and offer quick results. In essence, these customers value function. In this regard, designing high-quality products means engineering with performance and productivity at the forefront.


2. Visual design language

The aesthetic look and design of your product are reflected in perceived value. Simply put, designing a product that visually resonates with your target audience speaks volumes about the business itself. It indicates that your business understands its users, implicitly signaling that your products and business are here to serve this specific group of individuals above all else. Customers simply enjoy feeling catered to and are more inclined to trust a business they feel will listen to their concerns, and the design of your product is a great way to suggest this. 


3. Durability

Of course, durability speaks to the type of materials and engineering used to build a product. During the design process, you will have countless options to pick from to physically form your design, including textiles, leather, metal, wood, plastic, rubber, and much more, each with varying levels of sturdiness depending on the material itself and the supplier you’re purchasing from. For those who value durability, a high-quality product is made with top-of-the-line materials that lend to longevity, high perceived value, and dependability. 


How High-Quality Design Can Increase Profitability 

As previously discussed, high-quality product design is essential. From incredible user experience to improving your own business practices, good design can have a positive domino effect that ultimately leads to increased profits and better business overall. Here’s a brief overview of exactly what outcomes your business can expect to experience from putting out effective and brilliant product designs: 


Increased User Recommendations

User recommendations are key to growing any type of business. This is because users are typically more assured by reviews from their peers than any other type of marketing. Most people perceive these recommendations as unbiased and coming from a valuable source, their friends and family. In these cases, they are inclined to trust their word and purchase the endorsed product in expectation of having a similar positive experience. If they agree that the product is high-quality and worth the purchase, they may even continue the cycle and recommend the product to their own circle of peers, thus growing your customer base with minimal additional effort on your business’s end. 


Strong First Impressions 

First impressions are relevant to both the look and functionality of your product. In either case, a product with a high-quality design will always attract the interest of potential customers. For example, if your product includes a mechanism or a visual element that similar products from your competition do not possess, such as a more luxurious feel or an ability to deliver faster results, customers may be more willing to make a purchase with your business and give the product a shot. With good design, achieving these strong positive first impressions is much easier as your product was built with the exact intent of impressing the market by adhering to your audience’s needs.


Increased Customer Loyalty

Often, good products lead to increased profits from repurchases. This is due to the fact that when a customer decides they enjoy your brand and its products over similar devices on the market, they will most likely repeat business with you over your competitors in the future. Ultimately, the goal for any business is to be the frontrunner in its given niche. It’s a lengthy feat, but establishing customer loyalty via brilliant product design that users realize they can not find elsewhere can certainly assist with the process. 


Fewer Product Returns 

Product returns are inevitable in business. However, an excessive rate of these returns can be detrimental to profits, both future, and present, as a result of negative optics, unhappy customers, and a loss of time, materials, and investments overall. Fortunately, products that feature high-quality design are associated with a lower return rate. Of course, when customers receive a high-quality product that addresses their demands and surpasses their expectations, they will undoubtedly want to keep the product and continue to use it rather than return it. 


Hire DesignStein Studios to Ensure High-Quality

As you can see, good products make all the difference in the profitability and success of your business. That is why it’s crucial to dedicate time and effort to perfecting your products and developing a design that is durable, visually interesting, and efficient. It’s quite an intricate task, but that doesn’t mean it has to be time-consuming or arduous for a business owner to navigate with the assistance of an industrial design company like DesignStein Studios. By applying our knowledge, skills, and experience to the ideas we help bring to life, our team is able to develop innovative and brilliant products that speak for themselves. When a business chooses to outsource product development to us, they can be assured they will receive value above all else as we aim to achieve high quality with every design we create utilizing our industrial services. From conducting research to investigate consumer trends and needs, prototyping to ensure the product’s functions are not defective and operate as desired, and more, we cover every step necessary to settle on a design that is sure to wow. 


This blog is brought to you by DesignStein Studios, one of the top industrial design companies in California. Give us a call at (714) 375-4846 to discover how we can build your business into a high-quality product that sells. 

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