February 10, 2022 Jesse Clemmer

Our Commitment as an Industrial Design Company- Learn More About Outsourcing Product Development to DesignStein Studios

It is no secret that today’s market is competitive. In order to have a product that performs well and has good profitability, business owners must find inventive and cost-friendly ways to create original devices that give them an edge over similar products from rival businesses. It’s because of this reason that plenty of business owners are turning to industrial design companies, like DesignStein Studios, for their product development needs. 

If your business is interested in outsourcing product development, there’s no doubt that you’ll find dozens of companies during your search for a qualified and reputable team of designers. However, if you’re looking for a well-designed product that’s simple to produce, beautifully designed, easily in stock, and treasured by the end-user, look no further than DesignStein Studios. 



About us

DesignStein Studios is among the top industrial design companies in California. Based in Costa Mesa, we specialize in working with business owners to realize their professional goals and aspirations. For those who have no experience in product development, learning to navigate this field can be quite tricky. However, with us working as your external team, we will take care of all areas pertaining to product design so we may transform your ideas into real-life working devices, all while you focus on what you do best- running your business. 


The DeignStein Studios Team

At DesignStein Studios, we are characterized by an unparalleled passion for the product development industry. Consisting of three incredibly skilled team members, including Jesse Clemmer- Principle Designer, Kevin Chapanian- Industrial Designer, and Andy Chan – Overseas Production Manager, we bring combined decades worth of experience, knowledge, and skills to your project that make us well equipped to tackle any product concept. From drafting preliminary sketches to mass producing the final product, and everything in between, with us working as your product design and development team, we can handle whatever you need, using our own tools and skills to engineer cost-effective and inventive products that wow. 


The DesignStein Studios Mission

Our team is driven by one word, innovation. We don’t believe in accepting things as they are- in our minds, everything can be heightened. Improved. Made better. By using innovation, we seek to push the boundaries of design to generate a visually interesting and eye-catching product that still maintains functionality and practicality. It’s the perfect recipe for creating products that captivate and perform well on the market. However, we also do this keeping in mind your budget and cost-effectiveness, because we understand that these factors are also key to increasing overall profitability. 


Our Services 

Whether your business is in need of assistance with just one aspect of product development or the entire process, our team is able to help. For more information, here’s an overview of what industrial design services we offer:


  • Research- Market research includes gathering all the information necessary to develop an amazing product. This includes investigating the market, user opinions, and rival products and companies. This information will later be used to steer our design choices, including manufacturing methods, functional features, aesthetics, pricing, and more. 
  • Ideation- Ideation is where creativity flows. Here, we’ll render various sketches that encompass an array of design concepts. Different colors, materials, and configurations will be explored and researched until we settle on the best fit for your profitability. 
  • 3D CAD Modeling- Once you have settled on a sketch, 3D CAD modeling is where we fine-tune its mechanisms. This is an integral step to product development because factors like assembly and manufacturability must be considered. 
  • Prototyping- This is the step where we test the functionality of the product using different manufacturing methods. Overall, prototyping is an opportunity to see what improvements need to be made to a design and catch any potential flaws and usability errors.  
  • Production Documents- When you’re fully satisfied with your prototype’s functionality and visual components, it’s time to finalize the production documents. These documents contain all the information factories will need to mass produce your product, such as assembly details and production methods. 
  • Mass production- When business owners don’t want to deal with the hassle of acquiring all the necessary resources to mass-produce their product or act as liaisons, we can use our contacts to take care of this step for you. From factories, quality control, and everything in between, we have all the necessary information to take care of mass producing your design so you can focus on selling it. 


The Benefits of Outsourcing Product Development to us 

At DesignStein Studios, our commitment is to our clients’ satisfaction. When you onboard us as your external design team, you’re also gaining an abundance of resources incomparable to in-house production, including: 

  • Constant collaboration- We want you to be as proud to sell your product as we are to create it. To do that, we work in collaboration with you to ensure you’re getting your input in and approve of all decisions we’re making as your design team. 
  • Ingenuity and skill- Product development can get complex. In order to make a profitable product, you’ll need a group of individuals who have the right know-how and skill set. Luckily, we fit the bill just right. 
  • IP security- It’s understandable for business owners to be concerned about giving away their product ideas, especially if you’ve never worked with a third-party team before. However, as a reputable company, we take IP protections, patents, copyrights, and NDAs very seriously, so you can rest assured you’re trusting the right people with your property. 
  • High tech and top quality design tools- Product development necessitates certain resources, including top-of-the-line tools and specialized programs. For an in-house team, you will have to buy these tools out of pocket to properly fit your designers with the essential supplies to create your products. However, when you work with a third-party team like us, such an investment isn’t necessary as we already have all the tools we need. Not to mention at Design Stein Studios, we use only the most advanced equipment so our clients know their projects are being handled with high-quality innovation.
  • Freedom to focus on your work- One of the biggest drawbacks of working with an in-house design team is that business owners often have to oversee and direct their work. However, this isn’t the case when outsourcing to an industrial design company like DesignStein Studios. As experienced and skilled designers, we don’t require such levels of supervision. Instead, meetings are only occasionally scheduled in instances when we need input or you’d like a progress update. This gives you the freedom to concentrate on other aspects of your business knowing your product development is being handled by a group of knowledgeable and credible professionals. 

To learn more about DesignStein Studios and find out what we can do for your own product development needs, give us a call at (714) 375-4846


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