May 18, 2021 Jesse Clemmer

How to Nurture Innovative Ideas at an Industrial Design Company

What is innovation? Some might say it’s the reason the world keeps spinning. Others might say that the idea has lost its meaning because of an enthusiastic over-use of the word. From electronics to medical devices, innovation is certainly a buzzword that the media likes to repeat. However, this grand idea of improvement is not just a fantasy. In fact, new information and tools in recent decades have allowed different industries to innovate in many different ways. At Designstein Studios, an industrial design company, innovation is not just a marketing term to call attention to a product. Real innovation is a transformation for both businesses and consumers. It drives revenue and challenges the status quo. 



In order to encourage innovation, industrial design companies in California must understand what breeds creativity. It’s not always a single individual having a lightbulb moment while sitting at their desk. Often, creativity demands multiple brains, voices, and perspectives. The best ideas are typically the result of a team working toward a single goal. When collaboration is nurtured and protected, wonderful things can happen. Ideas are not always perfect in their first iteration. Having multiple people on the job allows a good idea to become an impressive, fully realized solution. 


Another way to nurture innovation is to enlist those who are experts. Industrial design services can help a business jumpstart product development by knowing how to design a product for manufacturing. Specialists should be consulted when it comes to certain engineering problems or marketing questions. Everyone has their part to play. So, why try to force the process in one direction? In other words, innovation requires patience. This doesn’t mean that the development cycle has to feel slow but it does mean that there are necessary steps to follow in order to prevent unnecessary errors.


Innovation is a big word. So, it’s only fitting that an innovative industrial design company must focus on the big picture. If you limit the project’s innovation to the conceptual stage or even the engineering stage, then you might end up missing the mark. True innovation must be integrated throughout development and returned to when making big decisions. Innovation allows businesses to streamline costs but it also allows them to produce something that will excite consumers for the long term. Innovation is mutually beneficial to all parties involved in the making and buying of the product. 


While it may be difficult to get past the cliché of the word, innovation is not simply a buzzword without action or thought behind it. Innovation is an ever-present challenge to do better than expected. It motivates many industry leaders and creatives to keep at their work, no matter how tough it gets. In accordance with this thought process, the industrial designers of Designstein Studios are constantly trying to reinvigorate development cycles with innovative practices and nurture creativity in their collaborative efforts. Businesses that seek real innovation would do well to remember that principles of design, engineering, ad manufacturing are constantly evolving. Innovation is learning how to adjust to your environment and still produce meaningful solutions to relevant problems. 


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