March 25, 2021 Jesse Clemmer

An Industrial Design Company Explains How to Serve Customers During the Pandemic

If you are a business surviving the coronavirus crisis, then you know how important it is to prioritize projects that will directly speak to the consumer. According to Designstein Studios, an industrial design company, the market has undergone a dramatic shift in the last year or so. With public health concerns on the rise, people are far more discerning when it comes to the products they buy. They are unwilling to spend more than they have to and will only invest in something expensive if it has a large range of benefits. 


The relationship between companies and consumers has changed along with market trends. Industrial design companies in California have observed a greater focus on loyalty, empathy, and altruism. Customers value companies with a morally-driven mission statement and personal marketing approach. The pandemic has created a feeling of isolation and loss for many people. In order to successfully penetrate the market, companies must communicate how their product or brand addresses this issue. Customer satisfaction is more important than ever.


If you are a business that is struggling to survive in the pandemic, then you might want to evaluate your current messaging and relationship to your target audience. Industrial design services can help secure your place in a competitive market by accommodating the consumer during a global health crisis. Here are the top ways to maintain customer loyalty and attract new leads, according to an industrial design company


Speak Out and Inform


While it is much more difficult to have interpersonal relationships with customers during this time, companies are still able to communicate their brand’s message through social media. It is more important than ever to curate the content that represents your company. Remember that, while it can be beneficial to follow relevant trends, it is also important to be authentic. Speak out on your industry and the news affecting your company. Inform customers of any changes to protocol and be empathetic to their reactions. Some things that you might use your platforms to convey are new COVID precautions, delayed shipping warnings, new charity partnerships, and the like. Make sure to emphasize the fact that your company is continuing to provide high-quality service for customers, despite the obstacles that have been thrown at all of us. 

Honesty is Key


It can be easy to get carried away with positives in order to make people feel better in a time of trouble. However, this is not the best way to establish customer trust and loyalty. Be transparent about the good and the bad. You may be struggling to keep your staff employed and your prices low during a time of economic uncertainty. Expressing some version of this to your customers will allow them to forgive you for making certain choices. When you keep customers in the loop, they will feel more confident in your ability to serve them now and in the future. 

Make Yourself Accessible 


In the past, businesses could get away with excluding certain individuals from their customer base, financially or otherwise. During a global pandemic, exclusivity equals a very small profit margin. This doesn’t mean that your target audience has to change but it does mean that you need to see who in your target audience you are neglecting to serve. Try to separate your assumptions from your concrete data. How are your services or products available to the market and is this a reasonable way to reach your target audience? The more barriers you identify, the more you can knock down to allow greater accessibility and leads. 


Be a Positive Force


The last way that you can serve your customers during this strange time is to have an uplifting message behind everything you do. Empathy can only go so far. If you want your customers to trust in your brand and your service, then you need to show them that you care. What extra steps are you taking to support customers and how are you contributing to our world? Maybe you are participating in a new charity, hosting a giveaway, or publishing an informative blog on your site. Whatever you choose, make sure that you are adding value to your customers’ lives. 


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