October 11, 2020 Jesse Clemmer

Consumer Trends Shaping Product Design Services in 2020

One of the most consistent trends in the consumer market is that people want the newest thing. As technology advances and presents a greater opportunity for customization of features, product design services are better able to bridge the gap between consumer demands and company growth. Product designers are starting to notice the commonalities in successful products in 2020 and are following these trends to fulfill customer expectations. This strategy is the best way for companies to distinguish their brand as relevant and socially-conscious amongst their competitors.

Here are some of the most important trends for a product design and development company to consider in the following years:

Environmentally Friendly Products

It doesn’t take too much research into the current market to determine that consumers are far more environmentally conscious than they used to be. Recent studies have shown that forty-eight percent of consumers in the United States are aware of their carbon footprint and are trying to adjust consumption habits to decrease this negative environmental impact. Sustainable, eco-friendly goods are becoming quite popular, which is why so many brands are taking advantage of this current trend.

Wireless Technology

Wires are a thing of the past! In today’s market, consumers can’t wait to get their hands on all the wireless options: from headphones to cell phone chargers to computer mice. Nearly every device is required to have Bluetooth for this very reason. This kind of innovation is translating not only to entertainment and work but also to smart homes and cars. As of last year, nearly a third of the United States population uses a voice assistant on any of their devices. This is the technology of the future.

Health Conscious Products

Product design companies are not only thinking about making eco-friendly and wireless products, but they are also considering the recent trend in health awareness. Consumers are increasingly interested in having convenient and fun ways to check in with their health, from exercise trackers to meditation and sleeping apps as well as smartwatches. A recent study from this year showed that 1 in 5 adults in the United States wear a fitness tracker or smartwatch. Other products that are thriving in this time are at-home exercise accessories and equipment that offer smart high-tech features.

Pet Products

In 2020, it is not uncommon for a pet owner to spend more money on their pet than they do on themselves! Product design services are seeing a trend in upscale pet food, carriers, toys, and beds. It’s not uncommon to see dehydrated or freeze-dried dog food that is high in vitamins and minerals. There is also a rise in automated dispensers and mobile trackers for pet owners as well. The emphasis on keeping pets happy, healthy, and safe is what’s selling customers in this market.  And they’re willing to spend whatever it takes.

Sustainable Clothes

Along with desiring eco-friendly products, many consumers have called for sustainable clothing. Fashion is one of the biggest industries in our culture and yet it is also the third-highest polluting industry. Now that ethical fashion is in, more and more people are conscious of the brands they are supporting. Instead of buying from fast fashion corporations, many people are interested in local and eCommerce shops that emphasize alternative, recyclable materials. These brands are working to establish stylish items that will appeal to a customer’s aesthetic sensibility while still integrating a sustainable approach.

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