August 20, 2020 Jesse Clemmer

How Important Is A Value Proposition?

A value proposition thoroughly explains what problem your product is going to solve and what value it delivers to your target audience – make sure you craft one that can help your product thrive. 

So why is a value proposition important? 

A value proposition is a promise that any product development company makes to its customers. Essentially, it is the reason why certain customers should be purchasing your product. With that being said, creating a concise, clear, and refined value proposition is the key to your business success. One thing that can help you increase your value proposition is introducing a new feature to your product. 

How do you ensure a good value proposition in your product development cycle?  

Simplify complex ideas 

You can incorporate the simplest ideas that your product design services address to strengthen the value proposition of your product. This also helps your business understand how to provide a better product to your target audience. Companies that create effective value propositions usually have profitable business models, and they are better able to address the needs of the target audience. Since everything is tested ahead of time, a value proposition saves you a lot of time. 

Always conduct extensive market research 

Great product design companies conduct thorough and extensive market research to ensure a top-notch value proposition. This allows you to better understand your target customer. Once you understand their pressing needs, you will be able to provide the best product in the market to satisfy them.  

Use a simple approach and speak to your target customers directly 

If you pass the “so what” test (this is a great product – so what?), then this will greatly strengthen the value of your product. You should use this “so what” model to communicate just how inherently valuable this product is to your consumer. Be straightforward and understand which perspective you are catering to the most. 

How can a value proposition help your business perform better?

A value proposition should describe a solution

For the success of your business, the value proposition must explain the solution that your product offers. For example, how does it make your target customer’s life more convenient? Does it save them time? Money? Does it give them the ability to do something they couldn’t do before?

A compelling value proposition is critical to articulate the benefits of your product

Once a company establishes a value proposition, it is critical to introduce it both internally and externally in the company. Doing so in a clear, concise, and customer-centric way is the key to success. 

Designing a great product value proposition is the product manager’s task. A product manager’s role is to articulate products in a clear and enticing way. A great value proposition will also assist with the product development process. 

Better-informed decisions 

A value proposition can help you make better, well-informed decisions to achieve long-term business goals. It is a simple strategy that reminds you what your product and your company is all about. 

When your value proposition is clearly explained to your team, it will help guide the product development process and any future improvements. You should communicate the value proposition to everyone from your support staff to the sales team, marketing department, and, most importantly, the development team.

Great value proposition results in a better product 

A thoughtful and clear value proposition will lead to better product creation at product design companies. Encourage your team to outline a value proposition that will establish a better business-consumer relationship. Without a value proposition in place that serves to remind your team what your end product should be, you might find it difficult to keep people motivated and keep your business in a growth trend. 

A value proposition serves as a roadmap for the success of your business. It is a handy reference tool that provides a foundation of strength in case of the inevitable challenges and setbacks that your business will face. For most product design companies, it’s a strategic blueprint to increase profit margins and customer satisfaction. 

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