August 11, 2020 Jesse Clemmer

5 Essential Tips Product Designers And Product Engineers Should Know

Before initiating a product development cycle, an industrial design company like Designstein Studios needs to ensure that the end product is cost-effective to produce, user-friendly, and appealing. Product designers need to understand the client requirements to satisfy those needs. 

Generally, the main tasks of the product designers include:

  • Investigating the client requirements
  • Conducting market analysis and research
  • Visualizing ideas through initial sketches 
  • Narrowing in on materials and manufacturing methods
  • Creating 3D CAD files
  • 3D printing prototypes and testing them for functionality issues
  • Refining the initial designing and creating production specification sheets for tooling and per unit cost

If you are early in your product development process, then you should keep the following five tips in mind. 

Team Collaboration

Collaborating with a heterogeneous team that has different goals is the key to the success of your business. Both product designers and engineers have different goals for a specific project outcome. Engineers at an industrial design company always look for pragmatic goals that include the reliability of the product, quality of construction, dimensional details, supply of the material, and the manufacturing processes of the product. Designers, on the other hand, pay attention to the creative aspects of the product, such as the user experience, design features, and competitive advantages. Teams that collaborate to achieve project goals are more efficient and successful, especially when working face-to-face.

Simplified Products

The simpler your product is, the higher its chances will be for success. Do not complicate the development process. The role of a product designer is to ensure a product perfectly combines design and functionality. Industrial design services explore the vision of your product. The end goal is to provide a great user experience, and only a simple and user-friendly product can do that. Great designers work with clients, their partners, engineering team, and manufacturing teams in real-time. This way, it is easy to ensure the simplicity of the design and the final product fits the user needs right from the outset. 

Comparative Studies

When you are creating a product, you should research relevant existing products and do a comparative study. Users always need better, simpler products that do the same things. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Professional industrial design companies conduct a thorough market study and investigate the existing products in the market. When looking at a competing product, you should study the functionalities, the features, and the product reviews. Product designers use CAD and CAE software in the cloud to ensure real-time optimizing of the products that currently prevail in the market. The clients can view the digital image of the prototype on any mobile device. Based on the previous model, designers can improve the dimensions, features, and overall design.

A comparative study of the existing market will allow you to assess the gap that your product might address. It will help you distinguish your product in a better way. 

Proper Testing 

Product testing is always required before manufacturing can begin. Both the engineering and products team should evaluate the functionality and new features that can be implemented. Most designers prefer testing features virtually through CAD and then designing a physical prototype. 


Engineering simulation is a complementary step that allows the product designers to test the design through numerical analysis. The process offers an opportunity to make changes and improve the design before creating the physical prototype. Some people believe that simulations are an alternative to physical prototyping, but that’s not entirely correct. While they can contribute an additional layer of understanding about the product, they do not substitute an actual prototype. 

Utilizing these product creation tips will help designers develop a winning product. Make sure you incorporate them into your industrial design company’s business strategy. 

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