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Designing a great product is difficult, but what is even more difficult is attempting to sell your product while balancing a full time job, a family and a personal life. Not only that but tooling a product and ordering the first production run can range from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on the scale and complexity. Most inventors do not have the time or funds to commit to this, before even attempting to sell the product on their own.

For this reason, most independent inventors choose to work with a company to license their products and get paid in royalties. However, getting your product licensed by another company can be a long, arduous and expensive process… IF you go about it on your own.

Enter DesignStein Studios. Well-versed in all the areas of licensing, we work with our network of companies to negotiate a contract where the company licensing the product also covers the cost of tooling, testing, manufacturing and sales of your product through their established distribution and sales channels. However, we go about things a little differently than the larger licensing firms; the ones whom don’t focus on independent inventors like you. So what’s so special about us?

First, DesignStein is a one-stop shop:

If you ask DesignStein to work with you to help you submit your product to licensers, we’ll do just that. But say however, a few of the agencies return with interest in your product but are requesting certain tweaks to your product design or specifications. If you were working with a primary licensing agency you would then need to go back to your product designer (or find one) and resubmit. Sometimes this can go back and forth multiple times causing delays and more costs on your end to revise.

Not the case with DesignStein, we offer an all-in-one approach. If your product requires adjustments for licensing after a company shows interest, we will do them in-house, and not only that, we will do them for free. We aim to be your partner, and reduce your headaches during the licensing process.

Secondly, we have strong connections that offer increased royalties

DesignStein has contracts and connections with multiple companies in many industries that we are continually submitting concepts to. Due to our long standing relation with these companies our concept submissions are frequently bumped to the top of the deck, giving you priority over other submitted concepts, and reviewed by higher level executives rather than going through the internal chain of approvals. We have negotiated deals with many of these connections for higher licensing percentages and increased percentages based on rising volumes over time. For example, with one of our connections royalties may start at X%. But once they reach X amount of units sold in a quarter, your royalty jumps to X+1% and so on. Bottom line, our connections allow for more money in your pocket.

We love working with Independent Inventors – specifically:

Passion, fresh ideas, an open mind and a willingness to partner – these are the some of the reasons DesignStein loves to work with independent inventors. We want to help you make your concept a reality, taking your dream and turning it tangible. Because we do everything in-house from design to manufacturing assistance to licensing, we have the unique ability to develop long-term relationships with our clients. If you succeed, we succeed.

So, ready to get started with DesignStein? You can contact us here: info@designsteinstudios.com, or by clicking here. We really look forward to hearing from you!