Heidi Slocumb, VP Marketing, Evriholder Products, LLC.

DesignStein Studios has the most well rounded product designers that I’ve ever worked with. Their talents include strategic brainstorming of new concepts, beautifully designed products, technical abilities in tooling and manufacturing and A+ outstanding project management and problem solving skills. On top of all this, everyone at DesignStein Studios is a pleasure to work with and has a work ethic that never quits.

Eric Racoosin, Inventor of “Doob’Ease” and “Orbit Massager”

I have been a serial entrepreneur for 40 years. I wish i would have met Jesse Clemmer at DesignStein Studios earlier. This company has some of the best product designers on this earth, without question. They are thorough beyond your expectations! They can do what many cannot. They can really take your ideas from sketch and bring them to life! I highly suggest you approach them right from the beginning of a project because they are fully capable of all facets needed to launch a product and begin production. In complete honesty, I went with the highest bid, which was DesignStein Studios, for my project and they more than exceeded what I was expecting to receive for the price. They gave me so much more value than I bargained for!! You get more than what you pay for with this company!

Joseph Goldstein, President, Stevenson Industries, Inc. www.CPAPPRO.com

Firstly, this is an honest testimonial. I have used DesignStein Studios for product design on several of my sleep apnea medical devices for the past five years. They are extremely gifted and creative. I have nothing but praise for their abilities.

Erik Adams, Owner/Founder of Deka Sounds, formerly known as EarArt – www.DekaSounds.com

I have had the absolute pleasure of working with DesignStein Studios on designing, developing, engineering and creating marketing collateral on over 30 Bluetooth earpiece designs over the past 6 years. My unique products not only have some of the latest and greatest in Bluetooth technology on the market but also take it to the next level in becoming the world’s first interchangeable and customizable Bluetooth headset. I highly recommend utilizing this company not only for their amazing design sense but also for manufacturing and engineering expertise.They can bring you from initial concept all the way to production and does so quickly and with amazing professionalism.

A Recent Client

You make it easy on me to discuss my ideas because you listen to client feedback . I appreciate it. This makes for a good business partnership . Which is such an important factor. You communicate very well with me when needed and allow for input/feedback. Understanding and patience is so crucial and you get it. Thank you.