We Can Help From Any Stage of Development

Whether you have an amazing idea or are ready for production / licensing, we have the resources needed for your next step. Take a look at our phase-gate model to better understand each step.

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- Research -
- Sketching -
- 3D CAD -
- Renderings -
- Prototypes -

In the design stage we start with market research exploring current trends and competition. We want to see who is out there and what their shortcomings are so we can design a better product. We also conduct a full patent search to make sure you are not infringing on any other intellectual property.

Once we have established what has been done, what you want to do and we've seen what is already patented we can move to the next phases, the fun stuff! Here we begin with concept exploration in sketch and 2D rendering form which is transformed into 3D CAD used for renderings and prototypes.

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- Factory Procurement -
- Costing Negotiations -
- Tooling Development -
- Mass Production -

If you're looking to go into mass production we have the resources and experience needed to get your product made.

We begin the manufacturing stage by creating a document explaining all of the materials, manufacturing methods, engineering and other details needed to explain the product. This is sent to factories anywhere in the world, with the CAD files, to provide a quote. Once quotes are received we negotiate to strict costing, production and lead-time requirements to get you the best price and factory for your product.

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- Licensor Procurement -
- Contract Negotiations -
- Production Deadlines -
- Royalties -

Would you prefer to skip the investment of time and capital needed for producing on your own? By licensing your product you let the industry leaders do the heavy lifting of production, logistics and sell through. In exchange you get a royalty check each quarter for your idea.

Once you have a viable product we can present your idea directly to the decision makers of these companies and negotiate the best deal in regards to royalty percentages, production deadlines and other important facets inherent to royalty contracts.